Tips for Taking the Postal Battery Exam

Working for the post office is something that many people would like to do. Because of this, a postal job becomes highly competitive which is a good thing. The more competitive the job becomes then the more qualified the applicants must be in order to apply for the job. Of course, this does raise issues regarding how it is possible to gauge the skill and qualifications of those who would like to work for this agency. Among the ways to ensure only the most qualified people are hired, the postal battery exam was developed.

Why the Postal Battery Exam was Written

As the name infers, a postal battery exam is a written test designed to determine a baseline qualification for one’s aptitude for working for the post office. While passing the test does not guarantee a job, a decent score on the test is a must in order to move forward with your application and gain serious consideration.

Those interested in passing the postal battery exam will probably be interested in a few reliable tips which can help ensure they will be able to pass the exam. It would be inaccurate to say that the test is incredibly difficult because it is not. However, there will be a few tips which need to be taken into consideration if you truly want to pass the exam.

And if you are signing up to take the exam, you are doing so because you want to pass it. So, here are a few basic tips on how to approach taking the postal battery exam…..

First, you do need to know how much time is involved with taking the test. Many will be wisely concerned with the subject matter of the test and that is fine. However, it is also critical to know how much time needs to be allocated for taking the test. The reason is that this is a rather lengthy test and anyone that shows up on the day of the test and discovers it will take three times longer to complete than what was initially assumed will probably not be in the proper state of mind to effectively perform. As such, it is important to do a little research and determine how long the test will take prior to showing up on the test day. This will avoid a lot of stress and enhance the test takers ability to perform effectively.

Postal Battery Exam Categories

Learning the categories of the exam questions is quite helpful. You will not find the exact questions which are asked on the test, but a little research will reveal the very public information regarding the actual headings of the test questions. Among the areas of questions which will be asked are:

Address Checking

Comprehension of Forms

Memory Retention

Coding Skills

Personal Job Related Skills and Experience

Knowing the headings of the test categories can go a long way towards preparing for the postal battery exam. Surprises generally lead to confusion and anxiety. There is no reason to deal with such problems when you can clearly learn of the various categories for the test long in advance. This will also set the stage for the next step which would be to actually prepare for the exam.

Since you have a clear idea regarding the time period required and the main categories of the test, you could do your best to mimic the conditions of the postal battery test in your home. One way this can be done is through taking a practice test at home and doing so in a manner that also matches the time allocated to each postal battery exam category. Once again, information on the types of questions and the timeframe to take questions under a particular heading are public information. This opens the door to being able to better prepare for the exam.

The notion that a potential test taker should duplicate the specific amount of time required to take the test can be considered the most overlooked area of preparation. This is unfortunate because the ability to prepare for the time component of the test is very easy. You would simply need to acquire sample test questions and then set up a timer which could countdown the minute. Sample questions can likely be found on the internet or in any well written study guide.

The time period for the segments of the test is publicly known so there are no surprises in this regard. Address checking, for example, is currently 11 minutes in duration and is not likely to change any time soon.

Honestly, many people falter when taking a postal battery exam not because they lack knowledge. Rather, the falter because they crack under the pressure of time constraints. Such a problem is very easy to avoid. All you need to do is duplicate the timeframe and then take a practice postal battery exam within it. Something as seemingly simple as this approach can reap huge rewards and dividends in terms of enhancing the test taker’s success potential.

Last, anyone serious about passing the postal battery exam will need to purchase a quality study guide that offers detailed analysis into what is required to do well on the test. A solidly well written guide to the test would over a wide range of different topics which would all contribute to improving the test taker’s overall knowledge on the subject of the postal battery exam. The value of this is obvious.

One thing to be mindful about the postal battery exam – or any exam for that matter — is that the better prepared you are then the greater your potential for success will be. As simple as this is, many will overlook such an approach. You, however, now know better.